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Wings on King – monitoring the birds of King Island project

Wings on King – Flies again: 27-30 October 2022 Spring Surveys.  Make your travel plans now.

Winner of the Natural Environment Sustainability Award at the Australian Sustainable Communities, Tidy Towns Awards, the ‘Wings on King project’ was recognised for outstanding community’s achievements in adaptation to environmental change.

This is a wonderful example of citizen science helping gather data from established survey sites, supported by a strong team of ornithologists and ecologists. The project coordinates island wide standardised surveys of King Island bird populations at over 50 sites every April and October.

Volunteering Survey Effort – 2017-2021

  • 129 individual surveyors have participated
  • 2952 hours of effort – (estimate)
  • 680 surveys have been undertaken
  • 5654 individual species records collected

Of those Volunteers:

  • 98 were visitors to KI – who came specifically to assist with the surveys
  • 31 were King Islanders

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On-ground work

Planned work by the On-ground Works Crew will continue. This includes planting native tree seedlings and weed management at various sites around the island.


This is a recent incursion on King Island that we are currently aiming to eradicate. Is it in your back yard? See more information, including a map showing the area we know it to be.

boneseed flower
Boneseed Flower

Currie Wharf Field Days

Currie Wharf field days will now be organised by volunteers and will be held occasionally. These are popular events with volunteers planting native tree seedlings and managing weeds, and will continue as possible. The KILG on-ground work crew will contribute to this project whenever funding allows. Everyone is welcome to help with planting, weeding and other maintenance of the wharf area. Please contact us on 64621825 if you would like to contribute.

We thank all the past sponsors of this highly successful project.


A Weed of National Significance that is known to be in backyards and properties invading across Currie.

If you have this one, now you might have time remove it!

Both of these can be pulled out or first loosened with a fork then pulled out. Extensive infestations can be sprayed.

If a boneseed is a full grown shrub it may need cutting down.

Monthly Meetings

Meetings are usually held the second Monday of each month, 5.30 pm. All welcome.

Usually held at KIRDO 5 George St, Currie meetings can also be joined by video-conferencing.

For information on how to join the video-conference please call Jess on 03 64621825 (Friday only) or email.

Counting Our Birds

Counting Our Birds, a Wings on King project running since 2015, we are still interested to hear of your sightings. The King Island Green Rosella and the King Island Black Currawong may be becoming extinct. They are both subspecies of Tasmanian native species that live only on King Island. They exist nowhere else in the world.

census fb

Counting birds on Your Place – Garden, Orchard or Farmland, but these focus areas aren’t the only areas that are important. The more people we have counting across the island the better. So it would be great if YOU can help us by checking in your own gardens, orchards or properties. The best time to check is in the morning, but anytime will do. Then send the King Island Landcare the results.


  • How many Currawongs and/or Green Rosellas are there at one time
  • When you saw them – Day and time
  • Where you saw them: GPS co-ordinates (Most smart phones have a GPS built into them) or the address with the nearest cross road.

SEND Your Records by:

PHONE: 03 6462 1825 or EMAIL: or drop them into KIRDO, 5 George Street

Last Updated on 2 August 2022