Life on the Coast,
Coastal community engagement on King Island, Tasmanian Landcare Association 2010-2011

This project engaged the school and community in various field days including sea spurge removal from beaches, weed awareness and weed swap days (a weed for a local native plant), a ‘Dogs Breakfast’, and banding of Ruddy Turnstones with Victorian Waders Study Group.


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A project was run in 2009 to monitor, protect and raise awareness of shorebirds on King Island. The island is known as a haven for shorebirds, with a high percentage of the world population of a number of birds, see Shorebirds and small terns on KI, Woehler, 2009, page 7.

Signs to raise awareness and protect shorebirds

See where the birds named KU19 and KP21 flew.

A year in the life of S6.

Coastal Weeds

King Island Council’s Wharf Rd Bush Restoration Project 2012-2013

This was a small sister project to the Currie Wharf bush restoration project, where Council got involved in continuing the restoration work across the road on their land. A bush walk identifying natives and weeds and visiting an almost weed-free part of the site was an inspiration to those who attended. We also began clearing out weeds and forming a track into what we now call ‘White Gum Gully’ and plan to make this a place people can sit and enjoy in future.

King Island Council contributed excavation of a section of large boxthorn and coprosma, which we then prepared and planted in community field days. See photos

Enthusiasm and amazing results in the gully of white gums An incredibly enthusiastic group of 14 people made a huge impact in the gully to the north of Wharf Rd on Saturday 23rd Feb. The area that used to be blocked by the prolific Currie weed, Polygala, is now clear, enhancing the beauty (and biodiversity), and making an access-way into this special little gully. For the explorer types, it is pretty easy to go in there now and have a look. This project is a KI Council project, funded by Cradle Coast NRM with assistance provided by the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program. …An activity for 10 Days on the Island is also planned in this area, where weed materials, and other nest building materials that can be removed without negative impact, will be collected to build a replica of the nest that will be used in the Birds performance. All are encouraged to come along to these field days, it is awesome what many hands can achieve in a short time. As one volunteer said, “We are all enjoying the day out with like minded people and having such a lovely lunch together, and certainly feel a real sense of achievement.”

Sea Spurge

A Management Plan for Sea Spurge has recently been developed. This plan aims to provide a strategic and co-ordinated approach to community-based management of sea spurge (Euphorbia paralias) on King Island. It provides a practical framework for the management of sea spurge, concentrating on on-ground work, while keeping in mind the need for integrated management including other weeds and issues of concern around the island’s coastline. It provides volunteers, community groups, land managers, key stakeholders and professionals with a tool for attracting and applying human and financial resources that enable effective and strategic weed management actions.

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