Riparian Management

Rehabilitation of lower reaches of Porky Creek, ongoing

This highly successful project has rehabilitated the lower reaches of Porky Creek. Both the KINRM weed team and the adjoining landowner continue to control difficult weeds such as boxthorn. Originally funded through Tasmanian Landcare Association grants 2011-2012, this project has had a great deal of volunteer input. Activities include: initial clearing of boxthorn and other weeds; 41 Ballarat and Clarendon students planted 75 trees; further planting and seedling maintenance by volunteers; on-going weed follow-up by KINRM Weed Crew. The project has been sponsored by Landcare Tasmania, Wildcare Inc, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, King Island Dairy/Lion, KI Men’s Shed and HBL.

Devolved Grant work

2000 – 2003 & on-going

Many of the early projects of KINRM included on-ground works such as fencing of remnants and re-vegetation of riparian areas.

Last Updated on 27 August 2021