Wallaby exclusion plots in coastal areas 2010,

This project monitored the effect of over-browsing by wallabies and possums on native vegetation, funded by CCNRM

See King Island Vegetation Monitoring Images

Alternatives to 1080 Program 2007-2009

Implications of Native Wildlife Browsing on King Island
The Alternatives to 1080- Final report

The state government committed $400,000 to deliver follow up work across the state. This did not include assistance for any on-ground activity.

TFGA and DPIPWE conducted a workshop on the island to organise an on-going response to the issue of grave over-population of Bennett’s wallabies on King Island. A working group of KINRM was formed to work on a coordinated program of activities by landholders. At present the fencing and shooting programs are uncoordinated and there appears to be a constant increase in wallaby population growth.

Wallaby management such as fencing and culling is crucial for any revegetation or biodiversity protection projects.

Last Updated on 18 June 2023