Currie Wharf Bush Restoration Project

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Construction of new track to Museum August 2015

Construction of new track to Museum August 2015

Museum track June 2020

Museum track June 2020

Stage 1

Next to the track from the wharf to the Boathouse: Ground cover plantings and naturally germinated native plants have done very well and are stabilising most of this section. Weed control has been maintained, including poisoning of boxthorn root regrowth, this will continue as required. KI Ports agreed to remove the boxthorn above this site. Both KI Council and KI Ports have agreed to contribute to this project in 2011/2012 and 2012/13. KI Council and Cradle Coast NRM are working on a project for 2012/13 to extend the area of weed removal. Boxthorns and other large weeds will be be removed from the North side of Wharf Rd and native vegetation planted, which will enhance the track to the historical grave site and allow spaces for environmental artworks.

A Stage 1 Before
B Stage 1 Boxthorn Removal
C Stage 1 August 2011

Stage 2

Entrance to Little Beach: Extension of steps completed, a few plants are doing very well and weed control has been maintained at intervals.

A Stage 2 Before
B Stage 2 Before 2
C Stage 2 August 2011
D Stage 2 August 2012
E Stage 2 August 2012 Steps

Stage 3

Perimeter of Les Ross Park. Council and M&J Hennessy removed as much boxthorn as could be accessed in this section. Boxthorn within the bush will have to be hand removed or sprayed. Plants here are thriving, and the site will be filled up with native pants in the next few months. A picnic setting will be installed here soon, and also between the Lighthouse and Museum (Made by The Men’s Shed). The storyboard was also installed by KI Council who have been particularly supportive of this project. Participants in the project have agreed the next line of boxthorn above stage 1, and the section between the Cultural Centre and Lions Club be the next stages of restoration. Ballarat/Clarendon continue to be involved in the project, and will further incorporate this into their curriculum, such as updating past groups who have worked on the project.

A Stage 3 Before
B Stage 3 October 2011
C Stage 3 August 2012
D Stage 3 August 2012 1

Stage 4

A Stage 4 Before
B Stage 4 May 2012 Boxthorn Excavation
C Stage4Excavation 2
D Stage 4 May 2012 Burn
E Stage 4 June 2012 Planting
Volunteers Wharf2
Vounteers Wharf1

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