King Island Landcare Group

  • Change of King Island Landcare Constitution – On Tuesday the 14th of May there will be a general meeting at 5 George St where the King Island Landcare constitution changes will be reviewed. Here is the Landcare constitution Draft for review.
  • Significant threat to our environment and community: the potential invasion of fire ants. Fire ants, known for their destructive impact on the environment, agriculture, and even public health, represent a biosecurity threat we cannot afford to overlook. Their ability to rapidly colonise and devastate ecosystems makes them a formidable challenge for any region they invade.  Recent discussions and news highlighted the risk of fire ants making their way into Tasmania and King Island, which could have devastating consequences for our biodiversity, agricultural productivity, and way of life. More information here and here
  • Subsidised Cat Desexing Program 1 February 2024 free to eligible King Island residents – From 1 February 2024, eligible King Island Council residents can have their cat desexed and microchipped for free. Available to King Island Council residents with a valid pension, concession or healthcare card; low income; with too many pets; adopting a stray or taking ownership of an unowned cat. Residents who need support phone the National Desexing Network on 1300 368 992 and if eligible will be issued with a desexing voucher and then contact the participating vet to make an appointment. The National Desexing Network urges residents to get their cats desexed between 2 and 4 months of age as female cats can become pregnant from just 4 months old and can breed continuously after that. Male cats are less likely to fight, roam and spray when desexed. For more information see here
  • King Island Native Vegetation Restoration and Monitoring Kit – Dr Helen Morgan, Tasmanian Land Conservancy Ecologist, worked with the team to develop the kit and introduce the methodology at a field day. The Kit has been developed for the King Island community to use in on ground management and monitoring activities to protect and enhance biodiversity values and habitat for threatened species on King Island. Download a free copy of the Restoration Kit.
    KILG acknowledge the support of ANZ & the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal for this project.
  • Asparagus fern – Check our current maps and please contact Eve if you know of other incursions.
  • KILG Strategy. Our 10 year Strategy and Implementation plan to guide our activities over the next 10 years is complete. Download the plan here King Island Landcare Strategy 2023 to 2033 or email for a copy.
  • King Island native plant nursery – a community run nursery supports landholders to use King Island endemic flora for native revegetation and regeneration activities, which will improve habitat and reconnect threatened bird populations. The Nursery Facilitator, Renae, is working with landholders and volunteers to ensure supply of seed for both direct seeding and propagation into seedlings ready for planting. Keep a lookout on our facebook page for updates. Renae can be contacted by email:
  • Wings On King, Spring Surveys  2024-  KILG are proud to be a partner in this very successful citizens science project. Surveys are conducted each Spring (Thurs-Sat second weekend November) and Autumn (Thurs-Sat last weekend April). Anyone interested in birds, both experienced or otherwise, are invited to come along and give us a hand. More info here.
  • Victorian Wader Study Group on King Island. VWSG are conducting a longitudinal study on Ruddy Turnstones spanning 10 years to date which assesses changing migratory behaviour over time. Read about the study here. VWSG will visit King Island again in autumn 2024, keep an eye out so you can join the activities.
  • KILG are now able to accept tax deductible donationsDONATE TO KING ISLAND LANDCARE GROUP Thanks to Landcare Tasmania for their support to use their Deductible Gift Recipient facility.

Our Work


Meet our Staff:

Wynta Noseda, Project Officer  – Wynta is normally in the office at 5 George Street each Wednesday 9:00 – 3:00 and via phone or email. Wynta is available by Phone 03 6462 1825 or email

Eve Woolmore, Landcare Crew Supervisor– the on-ground works crew are available to do private works under a fee for service arrangement. The crew can help with projects such as revegetation, planting native trees, and weed work both hand-weeding and spraying. The crew have spray equipment available for spot spraying, especially suited for those hard to get to areas in gullies or tree-lanes. For further information Phone 03 6462 1825 or email

Renae Gale, Nursery Facilitator – supports the use of King Island endemic flora for native revegetation and regeneration activities, which will improve habitat and reconnect threatened bird populations. Renae will work with landholders and volunteers to ensure supply of seed for both direct seeding and propagation into seedlings ready for planting at a community managed plant nursery. Renae can be contacted by email:

Jess Loane, Book keeper & Office Administrator – Jess will normally be in the office at 5 George Street each Monday and Wednesday, between 9:00am-4:00pm. During those hours you can contact her on 0400 141 736. Alternatively leave a message on 03 6462 1825 or send an email to

Our offices are in the KIRDO building, 5 George St Currie. Our wide range of publications, and information on KILG activities and projects are available when our staff are present, as above and during KIRDO opening hours, Tuesday – Friday 11am – 3pm Saturday 10am-12pm. Phone 03 6462 1778.

Committee Members for contact

Lizzie Cambra, Secretary, is available for general enquiries on 0429 158 846

Kate Ravich, is available for enquiries about birds on King Island on 0417 487 263.

Inkweed on King Island

Inkweed on King Island. KILG are currently tackling this weed, which is the only known incursion in Tasmania. More information about what you can do read this Inkweed brochure or please call email:

Geology of King Island

These two wonderful publications are available for purchase from KIRDO, 5 George Street:
A Guide to the Geology of King Island Part 1, 2016 by Clive Calver
Geology of King Island Part 2 – Excursions, 2016 by Clive Calver

Funding Opportunities

If you are interested in doing a project on your property to improve and protect your vegetation, soil, water quality, to look after threatened species or just find out about what is on your property, contact us. We can help with information, project planning, applying for funding, or point you in the right direction for further support.

Our Vision

Our vision is King Island being a world leader in integrated sustainable production and quality living. Our mission is to promote co-ordinated and integrated management of natural resources, which will contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of King Island.The King Island Landcare Group successfully delivers a wide range of environmental/agricultural projects, and is instrumental in assisting land managers and the community to manage King Island’s natural resources. The group was formed in 1996 with representatives of local Landcare groups and other relevant organisations. Anyone interested in King Island environment is welcome to contact us or attend our monthly meetings.

KING ISLAND LANDCARE GROUP (KILG) has had a name change in 2021. It was formerly known as King Island Natural Resource Management Group (KINRM), formed in 1996, implementing a huge range of programs for King Island community and environment.

Last Updated on 19 May 2024