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Books For Sale

from Currie Newsagency at the Post Office, or KILG (by mail or from KIRDO office, 5 George Street, Currie)

  • A Guide to the Geology of King Island Part 1, 2018 by Clive Calver $20 each or $38 for a set
  • Geology of King Island Part 2 – Excursions, 2018 by Clive Calver $20 each or $38 for a set
  • King Island Flora: a field guide (2002) $15.00
    • ADDENDUM (2014): being updated This addendum was created to incorporate newly listed species, genus name changes, subsumed species (i.e. incorporated into another genus), new subspecies and recommended deletions. It also provided the opportunity to correct mistakes identified in the original edition. The addendum also includes detailed profiles of ten of the newly identified species.
  • King Island Fauna (2003) $30.00
  • Birds on farms (glovebox guide) $10.00
  • From Gentle Giants to Green Pastures
    A history of Environmental Change on King Island (2004) $22.00
    (A project, funded through a Tasmanian Bicentenary Grant.A community group collated the history of environmental change on King Island since European settlement to produce a 100 page booklet for publication) More Information…

Publications for Download

To date a number of community members and stakeholders have been consulted and several workshops held to scope our activities, including KILG staff and members, King Island Council, and Cradle Coast Authority NRM. A draft Strategy should be available in late August for feedback from the community. Further engagement of the community and stakeholders will include prioritisation of actions. Look out for advertised community input sessions. This project is supported by Cradle Coast NRM and is an opportunity for CCA and KILG to work together to improve natural resource management outcomes for the region.

  • King Island Natural Resource Management Strategy 2010-2020 guides the activities of KINRM. The strategy focuses on what can be achieved on King Island in NRM over the next 10-20 years, and how best to achieve these goals for King Island’s asset areas of Land, Biodiversity, Coast and Water. The goals have been developed with input from the community, interested groups and the KINRMG. The Strategy is divided into three sections: Introduction; Strategic Plan; and Implementation Plan. It has been developed to be used by anyone with an interest in King Island to help collaboratively guide King Island’s natural resource management. This Strategy is based on a review of The KINRMG Strategy Plan 1998-2001 and has been prepared by Jen Milne and Eva Finzel for the King Island Natural Resource Management Group Inc and Cradle Coast NRM. We gratefully acknowledge the funding assistance for this project by the Australian Government’s Natural Heritage Trust, provided through Cradle Coast NRM.
  • The King Island Biodiversity Management Plan 2012-2022. The plan has been adopted by the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities as the national Recovery Plans for two species listed under the EPBC Act, the King Island Brown Thornbill and the King Island Scrubtit.
    The actions in the plan will now be undertaken by stakeholders, as resources allow. Prepared by Debbi Delaney under a Steering Committee composed of King Island Community representatives and Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) representatives. The content of the plan reflects the knowledge and experience of the King Island Community augmented by inputs from staff of the Threatened Species Section of DPIPWE and the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (DSEWPaC). The Plan was based upon a draft prepared by Lauren Barrow in 2008. The preparation of the Plan was funded by King Island Natural Resource Management Group, the King Island Council, DSEWPaC, and DPIPWE. A Steering Committee will review progress on an annual basis, provide guidelines on priorities and communicate results to relevant stakeholders.
    The King Island Biodiversity Management Plan informed the KINRM Strategy 2010-2020 with many actions taken directly from the KIBMP.

Other Documents

available from KINRMG office

  • Further Information on European Wasps
    (includes photos identifying the friendly native flower wasp and the European Wasp)
  • Vegetation monitoring: The Photopoint Monitoring for Fenced Remnants package.
  • King Island remnant vegetation: Impact of stock proof fences
    (Unpublished report) North, Barker and Associates (2002)
  • KISMAP: Report on first visit 23/24 Feb and report on second visit 23/24 July 2003
    (Unpublished report) Walker, M. (2003)
  • Wallaby management on King Island
    (Unpublished report) Mallick, S. (2002)
  • Fun on the Fraser.
    A snapshot of the Fraser River in 2005 (Published Report). KINRMG (2006)
  • King Island water quality data report 2001-2003
    (Published report) Brown, K. (2003)
  • King Island Roadside Weeds (2006)


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