Regional NRM

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is the management of all activities that use, develop and/or conserve our air, water, land, plants, animals and micro-organisms and the systems they form.

Under the Tasmanian NRM Framework and Act 2002, the State Government facilitated the establishment of Regional NRM Committees for each of the three regions in the State. In the Cradle Coast region the Regional Committee is hosted by the Cradle Coast Authority. The Regional Committees link local and State NRM activities and provide for integration and coordination within their regions. Regional Committees are responsible for:

  • Identifying NRM priorities
  • Preparing Regional NRM Strategies
  • Promoting NRM principles
  • Supporting the integration of NRM and planning activities
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the regional strategy
  • Ensuring there is appropriate education and training in NRM.

The Cradle Coast NRM Committee comprises 15 members representing conservation, community, public land managers, the indigenous community, State and local Government and industry.

For further information on the Cradle Coast Regional NRM Committee and Priority Projects currently running in the region go to: -This site also provides further links to other regions in Tasmania and to NRM on a national basis.

Last Updated on 27 August 2021