Water Monitoring

Biodiversity and Water Monitoring on King Island. Cradle Coast NRM 2010-2011

Data collected includes water monitoring of selected waterways, comparison vegetation data from 2010 to 2011 on wallaby exclosures, a small study involving protecting the endangered orchid Pterostylis cucullata (leafy greenhood) from wallaby browsing and recording differences with unprotected sites. Only 2 Orange-bellied parrots were recorded during the blitz in March 2012, in which staff of the Threatened Species Unit, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and volunteers monitored all known sites for the presence of the critically endangered bird. Population monitoring and habitat restoration work will continue to be completed by volunteers and as project funds become available.

Waterwatch 2000 – 2011

King Island WaterWatch Project Details

KINRMG ran water monitoring and education activities over many years culminating in Water Quality and Stream Condition on King Island, 2004 – 2008

Aims were to:

  • To collect sound scientific data on the quality of King Island’s key waterways;
  • To inform & train the King Island community in “caring for waterways”;
  • To establish and maintain an island wide community-based water quality program
  • The work focussed on water quality data collected at sites located on the following waterways: Sea Elephant River, Ettrick River, Fraser River, Yellow Rock River, Porky Creek, Egg Lagoon Creek, Seal River, Yarra Creek, and Lake Flannigan.

Last Updated on 27 August 2021