WaterWatch King Island

WaterWatch King Island Project Details (2001-2002)

Yellow Rock Monitoring Site, Winter 2001-Winter 2002

A Yellowrockwinter01
B Yellowrockspring01
C Yellowrocksummer02
D Yellowrockaut02
E Yellowrockwinter02

Porky Creek Monitoring, Site Autumn 2001 – Winter 2002

A Porkyaut01
B Porkycreekwinter01
C Porkycreekaut02
D Porkycreekwinter02

Ettrick River Monitoring Site, Autumn 2001-Winter 2002


Egg Lagoon Monitoring Site, Autumn 2001 – Winter 2002

A Egglagoonsite
B Egglagoonsite1
C Egglagoonaut01
D Egglagoonwinter01
E Egglagoonsummer02
F Egglagoonaut02
G Egglagoonwinter02

Sea Elephant River Monitoring Site – Autumn 2001 – Summer 2002

A Seaelephantaut01
B Seaelephantwinter01
C Seaelephantspring01
D Seaelephant02
E Seaelephantsummer02

Fraser River Monitoring Site, Spring 2001 – Winter 2002


Yarra Creek Monitoring Site, Autumn 2001-Autumn 2002

A Yarraaut01
B Yarracreekwinter01
C Yarracreekspring01
D Yarracreekaut02

Grassy River Monitoring Site, Spring 2001 – Winter 2002

The Grassy monitoring site has been fenced off in 2002. Already a platypus has returned and created a burrow. (November 2002).
The photos below reflect seasonal changes at the site.

A Grassyspring01
B Grassysummer02
C Grassyautumn02
D Grassywinter02

Seal River Monitoring Site, Autumn 2001 – Winter 2002

The Seal River Site was badly pugged by cattle. Fencing of the site has led to considerable improvement. ( November 2002)

A Sealmonitoringaut01
B Sealriverwinter01
C Sealriveraut02
D Sealriverwinter02

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